Catherine Alonzo


Paul Ciolek (Violinist)
Daniel Blank (Violinist)
Catherine Alonzo (Violist)
Kirsten Vogelsang (Cellist)


Lois Leyva (Violinist, Violist)

Cathy Alonzo has studied string pedagogy under the tutelage of Robert Becker and William Fitzpatrick, both formally of the Julliard School of Music and 15-year veterans of the New York String Quartet.

Cathy’s education includes a Bachelor’s in Music from Chapman University School of music with an emphasis in instrumental performance.

Cathy is currently an associate professor at Saddleback College, current American String Teachers’ Association member, member of the American Federation of Musician, Freelance Musician Contractors, and currently a string coach for Saddleback Valley and Capistrano Valley unified school districts.  She is also a private music instructor in violin and viola pedagogy.  Cathy is a former principal violist for the Saddleback Chamber Symphonetta.  She is a freelance studio musician for various groups including Tin Rooster (country), Emilo (Flamenco), Jet Black Halo (New Age Punk Rock), Messenger Projector (Christian Rock), Tamlyn, Shenanigans, Celtic Chaos (Celtic Rock), Joe Onge (New AgeRock), and various local symphonic groups (classic).  She is also a former violinist/violist with South Coast Symphony, Riverside Philharmonic, Saddleback Symphony, Saddleback Chamber Symphonetta, UCI symphony, Long Beach Repertoire Orchestra, Vanguard Chamber Players, Capistrano Valley Symphony, orchestral pit musician, and former conductor at the South Coast Youth Orchestra.

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